How to Save to Bkmark

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It's easy to save to Bkmark from any computer or mobile device. We are continuously adding new ways of saving.

How to save to Bkmark on your Computer

Browser Extensions


The Bkmark browser extensions add a Bkmark button on your browser toolbar. With a single click you can save any page you come across on the web. Our browser extensions are available on Google Chrome and we are actively developing extensions for other browser.

The Chrome extension can be installed in Chromium based browsers such as Edge, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi.

Click here and get the Bkmark extension on Chrome and start saving 🚀!

Once your link has been saved to your default collection on the extension, expand it to adjust details such as changing the collection, adding a title, tags, noted or setting how long the links should stay in your collections.


Save from the Bkmark website

In your Bkmark dashboard, you can save links by clicking on the Plus icon in the bottom right corner of the page (bottom center on mobile).

It's as simple as that. A menu will show where you can paste the url of the link you want to save and define any other details you want to add to your link.


How to save to Bkmark from your mobile device

Save via Email

Send an email to with a link and we will add it to your collections. Please make sure to send us an email with the email address you used to register to Bkmark with.

Please follow this format to add details to the links you want saved:

save via email

You can also just send the link in the email with no further information and it will be saved in your default collection with auto-discovered tags and description.

Still need help? Please get in touch with your questions